2. Customer Jobwork

Jobwork – Inward Delivery Challan

Inward Delivery challan

You can use this menu to bring in the Customer Materials into AcTouch.com and do the production and deliver. This helps to track the raw materials received from a Customer, on which date, how much is produced and how much Raw Material is remained.

While making a Inward DC, you have an option either to select the previously agreed JOB WORK order or just do the Inward DC.

Most of the MSMEs receive the RMs without a clear instruction of whats the FG to be produced. So we have a facility where we can just receive the RM and during the Outward DC, we can mention the FGs that are produced. Use the following fields for the same

  1. Do you have Finishing Goods and Services = Y / N
  2. Do you want to add only Services = Y / N
Inward Delivery Challan - Jobwork

Inward Delivery Challan – Jobwork


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