2. Customer Jobwork

Jobwork Outward Delivery Challan

Outward Delivery Challan

You can use this menu to send the Finished goods to Customer post the work is done. This helps to track the Finished Goods sent to Customer and on which date etc. Now with AcTouch.com, you make a “Jobwork Outward delivery challan” easily.

In the business, Customer will send his raw materials to his subcontractor to do the activities thats not done within his factory. It could be for Assembly, Conversion of RM to Semi Finished Goods etc. So he will send a “Job work outward delivery challan” listing the items that are sent to him.

While making an Jobwork Outward Delivery Challan, we choose an Inward Delivery Challan against which the FG is sent. Screen is evident with details to be entered and managed.


Jobwok Outward Delivery Challans

Jobwok Outward Delivery Challans


Please check the video on Jobwork for a customer.



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