Convert Sales Order to an Invoice.

Convert Sales Order to an Invoice


In business, Sales orders are important as this is the Demand for the business to work. This is the starting point for any business to receive the Orders from Customers and against which we produce items. Once the items are produced, we convert Sales Order to an Invoice as this ensures that agreed materials and quantities are despatched. Based on this invoice, we receive the money from Customers. Sales Orders are created based on Customer Purchase Orders. It contains the following important items.

  1. Customer details with where to Deliver the items and where to send invoice for Payments.
  2. Customer Purchase Order references.
  3. Products and its quantities with when to deliver each of these items.
  4. Whats the Unit Selling Price, Discount Applied and agreed Taxes
  5. it contains the TERMS and CONDITIONS that defines and holds both parties responsible.

Check the videos for more details – Convert SO to an Invoice or do a  Shipment

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