Purchase Order

Create a Purchase Order for an Excise Item

Excise Purchase Order

Today we would cover the creation of Purchase Order, such that we can receive the Inventory/Stock for Selling.

  1. Click on Purchase Image in the main Dashboard.

Purchase Dashboard will have an option to create the Purchase Order, Purchase Order Receipt and Purchase Return. Also it lists all the Open and Closed PO and you can email the same to your Supplier. NO MORE PRINTING.


Purchase Order Selection

Step 1: ORDER TYPE – This helps to decide whether you Purchase a “Product” (Inventory items) or “Services” and Excise. Typical example of account based service: Suppose you are running an automobile service centre. Each invoice will have spare parts and labour charges. “Labour charges” is the account-based service under the account head Labour charges.


  1. Create a new Purchase order based. Create a Purchase Order – (Mainly for Traders, Manufacturers etc., who Purchases and Keeps the Stock for other Activities)
  2. Enter the Purchase Details. Observe the following
    1. You can create a new Supplier, Products from this menu itself.
    2. You can Pay an Advance Amount for a Supplier in PO itself
    3. You can receive the materials as you “Create a PO”.
Excise PO Menu

Excise Purchase Order Main Menu

“Save” will save the Purchase Order


Excise PO – Save


  1. “Save” or “Save and Print” the Purchase Order
  2. Check the PDF print to see whether the Address, taxes and Amounts are OK

Reports sections.

  1. Visit Reports -> Purchase Reports – >Purchase Receipt menu to check the Receipt of Products and its details.
  2. Visit Reports->Inventory Stock Reportsor Stock Movement Reportto check the Inventory and its details. Check whether Purchase Item Stock is increased or not?
  3. Now this new PO is available on Dashboard and you can email the same to your Supplier. NO MORE PRINTING and save more money.