Purchase Order

Create a Purchase Order with Advance Payment

Credit Purchase Order with Advance payment to the Supplier for Inventory and Services items.

Important: You can create your required Master data directly from these menu, provided you have the necessary permissions to create new master data like Supplier Master, Credit Terms, Product Code, UOM and Taxes.

Here you can make the advance payment while creating Purchase Order for Inventory and Services. The Advance amount can be adjusted during the payment to the Supplier in Financials > Payables
How can I make advance payment to the supplier during Purchase Order creation for the Inventory and Services?

Enter the Advance Payment field to pay the advance amount to the Supplier and application will pass a separate Voucher entry for the same Amount as “Advance Amount”. To enable this, click the check box and enter the amount.

Advance Payment

Advance Payment


Based on Advance Payment selection, the Payment Mode gets activated.

By default it selects Cash. If you would like to make a payment through bank, select bank from the dropdown and enter the cheque number in the pop up screen displayed.
Click OK to go back to main screen.

Click on Save or Save & Print will create the PO with a PO number. This would create PO No and Advance Payment Voucher No and populated on the screen. This would pass the financial transactions.