Quick Invoices

Create a new Quick Invoice

Create a new Quick Invoice 

Important: You can create your required Master data directly from these menu, provided you have the necessary permissions to create new master data like Customer Master, Credit Terms, Product Code, UOM and Taxes.

Create new quick Invoice for your business that helps to run and grow the business. Note that This invoice doesn’t create any transaction (Inventory and Financial) and will not Track Inventory.


QI Invoice entry Screen

Step 1: Go to the Quick Invoice > Quick Invoice and click on Create New in this section.Invoice Number will be populated automatically

Step 2: Select a Customer ID from the Dropdown. All his details like Customer name, Credit Terms These data will be populating based on the data entered in the Customer Master, else can be selected from the dropdown.

Step 3: Select or search an item drop down, based on selection its UOM, Price and Taxes would be populated. You can modify the same, if required. Enter Quantity and Unit Price. The Unit Price will be populated if it is defined in Product Master, else enter the Unit Price.

Click on to add a new row and to delete the row. You can add any number of items desired.

Step 4: Click on “Tax Details” to get more details on Type of taxes applied and its Amounts. Select the Tax by click on the checkbox.

Application will calculate the Gross AmountTax Amount and Net Amount. These fields are non-modifiable and are populated automatically. Enter the Shipping Address, Mode of Shipping if any.

Step 5: Click on Save, the Quick invoice is created with a Invoice number. The inventory will not reduce and transaction will not be posted.

Step 6: Click on “Cancel” will clear the Screen contents and will take you back to Quick Invoice Dashboard.


Download the Free Invoice Format in excel

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