2. Customer Jobwork

Generate a Jobwork for Customer items

Job Work Order for a Jobwork for a Customer.

This is like a contract between Customer and supplier where its agreed to deliver some FG and the agreement on how much to pay for a piece of work.


  1. It’s a good practice to have a Jobwork order and based on that receive the RAW Materials inside the company (Through Inward DC module)
  2. However, its also possible to receive the RM without any Jobwork, but just by making a inward DC

Following fields to be entered for a JOB WORK order menu

  1. Enter – Job work Number
  2. Select a customer ID and Customer name can be modified, if required
  3. Mention the credit terms, if any.
  4. Enter the Reference Document and its details, if any
  5. Enter finished goods for which this agreement is made.
  6. Select service ID (non-inventory Item)
  7. Enter quantity and unit price of service and it automatically calculate total cost of FG

Internal Jobwork