Payments and Receipts

How to pay expenses / Utility Payments or any other expenses

How to book Miscellaneous Expenses?


One of the challenge in business is to book miscellaneous expenses. Most of the transactions will have the documental evidences, but these items like

  1. Utility payments – like Water, Electricity
  2. Taxes, Auditor fees etc
  3. Food and tea expenses
  4. Sales Travel and other expenses
  5. Other expenses to run business

Go to the Financials > Expense / Advance Payment and click on Pay Now in the section.

  1. Select the Supplier ID from the drop down.
  2. Select the Expense Category and enter the Amount, Discount, Tax if any. The Net Amount will be calculated.

Pay expenses and Advance Payments

By default Payment Mode is Cash.

You can pay through the Bank cheque, by selecting the bank from the drop down. If you have selected the BANK option, then enter the cheque number, the amount field pop up automatically. If you would like to issue 2 cheques then click on Add New Cheque Details, new row appears and enter the cheque number

Click on Save


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