2. Customer Jobwork

Jobwork – How to Invoice Customer for the services done?

How to Invoice your customer for the services you provided?

This helps to generate an invoice where we can collect the money from Customer based on the Outward DC that’s sent. We can do the following here.

  1. Select more than one ODC and choose to “Create Invoice”.
  2. Once the Sales Order is populated, you do the following
    1. Modify the Unit Price
    2. Add one more line to adjust the money due to some fault in materials
    3. Add new items that’s sold to Customer (Sometime, Customer will ask the Job worker to provide his own materials and will reimburse the same)
  3. Once the data is OK, you can “Save” and convert it into TAX INVOICE.
  4. Once the invoice is done, the ODC would be closed automatically.


Convert ODC to Invoice

Convert ODC to Invoice

Check the videos on Job Work Manufacturing process.

This shows the details of how a Job work Order can be made and processed.