Purchase Order

Receive materials against a Purchase Order

Receive Materials against a Purchase Order


In Business, its always a practice to prepare the purchase Order and receive the materials against that order. This helps both the parties with an agreement form. Read more here.

In this screen you can receive the ordered products or services fully or partially. The POR will not close until you receive all the ordered products or services. You can receive the Products with or without BATCHES or Multi Units of measurement etc.

How can I receive the Ordered Products or Services to the inventory?

Go to the Purchase > Purchase Order Receive

Step 1: Select Supplier ID from the dropdown
POR Dashboard

Based on Supplier selection, the PO list will be displayed as below, you can search for particular PO in search field. Based on the selection of the PO Number, the POR / Goods Receipt Notes screen would be populated as below



Click on the checkbox to enable, receive the product or services. Select Rec All to receive all the products/services ordered to the inventory.

Or enter the quantity receiving, by uncheck the checkbox. The amount will be calculated on received quantity as below (Second portion of the Goods Receipt notes).


Purchase Receipt Summary status

Shipping charges can be added, if any.


Click on Save or Save & Print. POR No will be generated.

The products will be received to the inventory and updated, transaction will be posted. Note that when we do this transaction, we update

  1. Stock inventory
  2. Tax liability is created
  3. Supplier payment liability is created
  4. All the financial entries are passed.

How can I receive the products with the BATCH


If the Product is maintained with BATCH, a colour badge Click for Batch Details displays in Qty Receiving field. On click of that pop up screen appears.

Enter the BATCH NO and Expiry Date and Quantity you are going to receive. Click on Add New Line to enter new batch number, expiry date and quantity. Click on Save to go back POR screen. Click on Save or Save & Print to receive the batch products.

The POR No is generated, products will be received to the inventory and updated, and transaction will be posted.


Where can I check the list of received products or services?

In Purchase > Purchase Order Receive click on View Receipts to display the items received products.

This will give all the list of received products or services, irrespective of suppliers. You can search on your requirement.

Click on Action > View Receipt to view in detail of the POR, which is non modifiable.


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