10 years before, many Business owners were using standalone accounting software. They did customisations with a feeling that “let the data be safe with us”. They ran it with the known limitations and with unknown problems. But what they missed is their standalone software was not changing as the business was changing dynamically. Competition left them far behind and today they are struggling to survive.

Most of them didn’t have an alternate option or they didn’t know about the technology help to grow the business.

Some of the advantages they had 10 years before were,

  1. People were trustworthy and were available at low cost.
  2. Competition was low and profit margins were high.
  3. Some business had monopoly on some verticals and they demanded premium on the same.
  4. They didn’t have the awareness and how to use the technology to simplify the process.
  5. Govt rules were stringent and confusing. Taxes were running above 30%. But facility and infrastructure provided were at abysmal level. So they wanted a system that could delete the data at their will to avoid the taxes.


But today, things are changed. Business owners are seeing the huge competition from eMarket Places, Other retailers, Prices and margins are down. At same time the second generation who is entering the family business, don’t see the value of doing the same thing in a rough and old way. They are tech savvy and know the value of Technology that could help to manage the business.

So what they are looking at

  1. Value for time and expand the business with the help of technology
  2. Ease of doing the business with clean books of accounts.
  3. Spread the business across multiple zones
  4. They are aware of the competition. Margin reducing and other challenges.
  5. Depend more on the process rather than on people.
  6. They know that cost of the Resources will go up soon.

So the demand for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is increasing. However the traditional ERP’s are failing again as they don’t have the connectivity or ability to connect to other solution as per the business needs.

This is where the cloud ERP’s like AcTouch.com helps. Being on the Cloud helps to connect to other solutions like CRMs, eCommerce portal, company portal etc.

ERP Integration


We have built interfaces to eCommerce Portals, we can connect to customers Portals and process the orders in online mode, Mobile Apps is integrated to ERP for better tracking and Sales team management.


AcTouch Technologies is a start up company based in Singapore with its development centre at Bangalore, India. We focus on SMEs with our cloud ERP solutions. Today many SMEs of USD 100K to 10 Million are depending on us Company Founders have Management and Engineering degrees from prestigious colleges like INSEAD Business School France, NUS Singapore, BITS Pilani etc. Prior to starting this company, Founders have worked for 20+ years in large MNCs & Indian IT Big companies (Infosys Technologies, Misys, Thomson Reuters etc) and managed multi-million dollars of Software business heading APAC Regions.