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AcTouch power-full features  


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February 25, 2017 2:57 pm  

Some of the highlights of AcTouch.com


1.    Powerful features of ERP’s are part of AcTouch.com with Localizations.

a.    Business workflows for Purchase, Sales, Accounting etc.

b.    User level access controls and user specific menus.

c.    Allows and tracks batch level handling of Stocks and Inventory

d.    Allows and tracks advance and partial payments for Purchases and Sales.

e.    Follow the ABC (Activities Based Costing) for finished goods and Moving Weighted Average costing for RM / Purchased items.


2.    Single Sign-on features: Business Owner with Multiple businesses can monitor his business from one location.


a.    Check the Sales and Receipts across the Businesses.

b.    Track Customer and Vendor Payments, get Aging reports etc.

c.    Real Time Stock details across all the Locations.

d.    Consolidated balance sheets and financial numbers


3.    Real time data and alerts that helps Business owner to make decisions

4.    Business modules and Financials are integrated that helps to generate the REAL TIME reports

5.    Consolidation of Financial Reports across multiple companies and Inventory Stocks

6.  Ability to handle huge manufacturing or Inventory.



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