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Benefits of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ).  


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December 13, 2017 1:59 pm  

Benefits of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ), small or medium sized business.

Here is the lists of benefits (ERP Advantages) for the small to medium-sized business owner.

  1. Providing expertise - In order to market a strong competency is offered thus understanding the businesses of the clients and adding value to it. The Enterprise software needs of an organization can be better addressed as this experience facilitates and guides them to follow the practices which are best.
  2. Implementation - The local staff, interested in the success of clients implement the ERP solutions by establishing success stories with which their businesses will be benefitted along with the success of their client.
  3. Providing Support - As compared to the traditional direct organization, use of ERP has led to vast improvement in the relationship with the customer, increased the support level thus making the relationship stronger by establishing closer proximity and developing interest in customer's success.
  4. Specific to a region or country - The study of logistics ,the taxes imposed and the language being used can be very well help in knowing about the markets specific to a region, thus along with development of close proximity with the support hub, it contributes to the increase in success and bringing down the costs. This makes ERPs the hub for incorporating process nurturing thus leading to successful clients.
  5. Quick response - the Response time and the proactive acting ability facilitates taking right actions and minimizing the limitations during travelling.
  6. Low ownership cost - One of the major competitive advantages of using ERP is that it brings down the cost and enables the client to achieve that benefit provided by the use of ERP.

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