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Top 5 characteristics to qualify for a true ERP solution. Features of ERP system.  


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November 13, 2017 1:48 pm  

Top 5 characteristics to qualify for a true ERP solution.  Features of ERP system.

Any system has to possess few key characteristics to qualify for a true ERP solution. These features are:

  1. Flexibility : An ERP system should be flexible to respond to the changing needs of an enterprise. The client server technology enables ERP to run across various database back ends through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).
  2. Modular & Open : ERP system has to have open system architecture. This means that any module can be interfaced or detached whenever required without affecting the other modules. It should support multiple hardware platforms for the companies having heterogeneous collection of systems. It must support some third party addons also.
  3. Comprehensive : It should be able to support variety of organizational functions and must be suitable for a wide range of business organizations.
  4. Beyond The Company : It should not be confined to the organizational boundaries, rather support the on-line connectivity to the other business entities of the organization.
  5. Best Business Practices : It must have a collection of the best business processes applicable worldwide. An ERP package imposes its own logic on a company’s strategy, culture and organization.

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