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GST- Goods and Service Tax

GST Impact on E-commerce industry

At present, the federal indirect tax structure combined with different tax regimes in different states has led to a state of pandemonium and uncertainty on tax imposition on the e-commerce industry. Hence, it has been desired for a long time by the online marketplaces and aggregators that proper laws will help make doing business much easier, remove ambiguity and insulate operators from the arbitrary taxation imposed by different states. The current Model GST Law has included a separate chapter on e-commerce transactions. However, there are certain challenges in the Model GST as well which may lead to compliance issues, among other things, in the e-commerce sector that is needed to be resolved.


GST- Goods and Service Tax

The constitution amendment bill for (GST) “Goods and Service Tax” in the Parliament conference in Rajya Sabha on 3 August 2016  and the government is set to bring GST bill in Lok Sabha on 8 August 2016) along with the authorization by 50 percent of state Parliament. Hence the current indirect taxes levied by state and centre are all set to be replaced with expected implementation of “Goods Service Tax” by April 2017. This would be the biggest tax reform in India since independence and a benefit to the recession as it will eliminate the shortcomings of the ongoing tax structure and bring us single tax on supply of all goods and services.
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