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Who all are Liable to enrol or accept or admit?  


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January 31, 2017 9:39 am  

Current taxpayers are liable to enroll under GST system portal. An existing taxpayer is an entity registered with any of the authorities,  it is compulsorily required to migrate under GST law irrespective of the threshold limits.

Below following central and state level tax management:


·         1. Central Excise

·         2. Service Tax

·         3. State sales tax/VAT (except exclusive liquor dealers)

·         4. Central Sales Tax

·         5. Entry tax

·         6. Luxury Tax

·         7. Entertainment tax

·         8. Purchase Tax

·         9. State Surcharges and Cesses so far as they relate to supply of goods and services

10. Taxes on lotteries, betting and luck of the draw

 Further enrollment here means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filing up the remaining key fields, if they combined turnover in any financial year exceeds the dawn limit, The current dawn limit detailed by the GST committee is 20 lakhs for all the states except for North Eastern States where the limit is 10 lakhs.




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