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Capacity Requirements planning  


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March 19, 2019 11:32 am  

What is Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)?

There is a difference between MRP and CRP. But Material Requirements Planning (MRP) provides the foundation for calculating Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), a tool used to complete the master schedule. So both are related to each others. 

  • MRP looks at the inventory and at orders to generate the demands
  • CRP uses routings and work centers
and how to meet those demands.

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) calculates workload for a Work center or Machine. It does this by exploding the routings and processes for MRP planned and confirmed orders and determining start and due dates for each operation, using the work center and shop calendars and a technique called back scheduling.

The capacity for a work center is the number of machines or personnel available for that work center, defined in Work Center Maintenance, multiplied by work hours, defined in the shop floor calendar.

Read more at  https://www.actouch.com/Knowledgebase/capacity-requirements-planning/

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