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Actouch Sales force automation (SFA) mobile app Features & more  


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March 21, 2017 10:56 am  

1. Mobile App is paperless.

This is completely paperless online Digital Order booking that manage the entire sales and distribution revolution by allowing the sales person to book orders through the mobile app or Order directly booked by customer to Distributor & this application help you to manage order booking-issuing by the customer of a purchase order in the progress of confirmation to complete the process from point of sale.

2. Sales force GPS tracking - Track sales force on field

The smartest way to manage your sales & field force operations on a real-time basis and managing a large sales team on field is essential for your business growth and performance.

Sales force automation mobile app makes it easy & simple task for marketing or sales team and its also gives you a specific & authentic information about your Sales executives visits to the customer place, where manager or higher authorities can see the progress live on a map. 

3. Sales Force KPI & Reports

Our dynamic KPI provides informative analytical reports and graphical insights. It provides real-time information of your team performance and key performance indicators of your service business.

 Immediate integrated KPI analytics report for Sales or Field Force team 

* Calls report

* Number of leads generated

* Order generation

* New customer addition

* Existing customer transactions

* Sales Order Execution analytics report

* Easily you can check sales force report on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

4. Sales force Expense Tracking

Simplify while managing your sales force or sales executive day to day field visits expense, this expense tracking feature helps you track individual expenses manually entering for their daily expense like Expenses like Travel, Hotel, Fuel, and Phone


and this expense tracker helps you to manage your daily cash flow from financial resources & more effectively and this feature avoid your day to day paper work and maintaining bills records. 

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