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Top Challenges faced by organisations without SFA Mobile App  


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March 21, 2017 10:51 am  

Company sales staff or team who interacts with Vendors, Distributors and Retailers there are several challenges to manage customers & dealers. Now it’s easy to increase your visibility at sales & stock across the supply chain management.

1. Unable to validate the number of visits & punctuality of sales person at the point of sales and no proper follow-ups & records for pending task with customers.

2. Loss & negatively impact on business working style due to lot of communication gap, delay in delivery Goods or Stock, No proper records & etc.

3. Lack of secondary sales visibility from management or end-users and Individual sales staff or person simple waste lot of time for making reports.

4. Manual work progress that increased repetitive work and delay in processing - Definitely kills productivity.

5. Difficult to monitor sales team performance at all hierarchy levels and also progress level will be slower than the expectation.


6. Lack of consistency in business decision and company standardisation of sales data, commission schemes and discounts.

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