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Sales and Marketing ERP Modules  


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October 18, 2017 12:06 pm  

ERP Solution for Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing  ERP Modules

The sales and marketing modules for ERP systems are designed to support the sales order processing systems, control daily activities like prospecting, and manage contacts.

This system produces sales forecasting, identifies advertising channels, and helps to maintain competitive pricing scales.

The CRM module serves as a front-end interface between the customer and the sales and marketing departments.

  • ERP systems differ from traditional systems
    • Allow for integrated marketing support systems
    • Provide integrated CRM software
  • Purpose
    • Identify sales prospects
    • Process orders
    • Manage inventory
    • Arrange deliveries
    • Handle billing
    • Process payments
  • Benefits
    • Standard codes and documents
    • Common database
    • Provides audit trail
    • Allows for data Integration

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