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As a Manufacturer, do you face these challenges? 

Bill of Materials – I have multiple Bill of materials for the Same Finished Goods?

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BOM) is modified at the time of transactions and ensure that no one changes it. For the same item, you can have  multiple BOMs and manage the productions. You can

  1. Define the Labor, Burden and other costs
  2. Define the By-products, its costing etc
  3. Get the products estimated costs.
  4. Control the items that goes into Finished Goods

I dont know the costing of my Finished Goods. How can I get my costing Automatically?

Activity Based Costing for Finished Goods.

It is interesting to note that many Customers doesn’t know their cost of the Finished Goods. Due to this they don’t know the rate at which they want to sell the items. Traditionally, follows the Activity Based Costing (ABC) approach and it helps to arrive at the minute cost details added to Finished Goods.

Finished Goods Costing Details

I want to see status of my Work Orders at one place.

Work Order and its process handles the work orders with its Routing process, Different Work Centres, Tools used there, Ability to generate stock reports at that work centres. You don’t need to go to multiple pages to reports Work Order and Finished Goods.

All at One PLACE.

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Create a BOM

Manage Subcontracting

Sales and Invoices

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How to improve your productivity and Operations efficiency?

Production Management

Monitor Work Orders / Jobwork orders throughout the lifecycle of Production including managing Work Center, Routing, Production Reporting etc

Materials Movement

Have a control on the materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from Purchase to Sales.

Planning (MRP)

Run MRP to know the materials that's required based on Demand and ensure that these are available Just in Time.

Inventory Management

Manage and Track the Raw Materials, Semi finished or Finished goods at different locations within a facility or within many locations of Sub contractors too


Track materials demands from Purchase Indents to Materials receipt from vendors, so that production demands and timelines are met

Manage Subcontractors

Manage your multiple Subcontract vendors and materials issued and received from them. Track the materials and end to end cost, Payment etc.

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