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Online 2 Offline Business (O2O) for Traders

O2O – Online 2 Offline Business

Today many businesses are suffering at the hands of eCommerce companies who charge a bomb to sell your product. The commission could be from 8% to 25%. In a competitive market with many items are returned, your profit margins are vapoured in commerce sales.

How the Retail or Trader or Mom & Pop business can survive the onslaught by Amazon, Alibaba etc?

They have to be innovative. The old traditional Sales model is changed to O2O model and this could help to sell more products. Now Traders can sell in Online and also in Offline mode.

During the last 2 years there is a change in the way business is done. Many Retail business are not able to compete against the Online eCommerce business who doesn’t have any Overheads of space or rental etc. Traditional retailers are worried on the growth of the ecommerce companies and they don’t know what to do.

But the scenario is changing. Now traditional retailers are looking at an option of “Online 2 Offline (O2O) business” model and few who adopted are seeing the cashflow into the company.

Even Amazon couldn’t avoid this and bought Whole Foods and slowly moving towards Brick and Mortar Business. Its “Amazon Go” is towards the same model to achieve excellence in Online and Offline sales.

Because the truth is eCommernce cant replace the traditional business model. Today more than 90% of Business to Customers (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) are happening out of the ecommerce purview. So to survive and grow the business we need to move to O2O model.


Online 2 Offline business – Advantages

Back in 2000, the focus was creating awareness in people, who could come to Brick and Mortar Stores. So the idea was to find them in Online world and make them purchase at offline stores.

Now few of the traditional retailers realized the value of “Online 2 Offline” and are growing fast.

O2O means “Online 2 Offline” business model. This is a new business model that’s been adopted by many. Today to survive in the market, we don’t have much option other than having physical and digital presence all the time 24×7. So brick and mortar business are happy to adapt O2O model.

Using online sales techniques including SEO, Digital marketing, Contents etc. gives a branding and visibility to Brick and Mortar business. eMail marketing with discount coupons are the best way to attract customers to come and visit their premises.

One of the major advantages is the “Long Tail effect”. Many times, we have a specialized product, but not able to reach out to many due to our location and market reach. Digital Marketing with eMail marketing has broken this challenge. This ensures to reach to many long distance customers, who are not aware of you. Now suddenly they see a value additional service or product.

With smaller budgets and less time, retailers can reach more customers than those would ever come across their brick and mortar shops. Moreover, based on the online profiling, we could have targeted them with right product and features that’s impossible to do in the traditional marketing.


  1. Reach out to many customers at one go with less budgets and time. “Long tail effect”.
  2. Improve the brand image as we have the option to send beautiful product catalogue with details at very less price. No need to send the snail mail that costs a bomb.
  3. Time to market is low and connecting to new customers is fast.
  4. It improves brand reputation and increases the Business visibility – Now you are in Facebook, Instagram, Social media, eMail marketing etc
  5. Once the brand is built, customer loyalty increases, as the Traditional retail stores are good at personal customer services. This is plus for the brick and mortar business. So the revenue is more.
  6. Many customers use the online features to learn more about the product. Once they do their research, then they decide to buy from their known companies whom they trust. So the digital marketing helps Online 2 offline business to work and flourish immediately.


So Online 2 off-line business (O2O) is the new business model that could help Traders to make more money, reach to many customers and gain the trust.



AcTouch Technologies is a start up company based in Singapore with its development centre at Bangalore, India. We focus on SMEs with our cloud ERP solutions. Today many SMEs of USD 100K to 10 Million are depending on us Company Founders have Management and Engineering degrees from prestigious colleges like INSEAD Business School France, NUS Singapore, BITS Pilani etc. Prior to starting this company, Founders have worked for 20+ years in large MNCs & Indian IT Big companies (Infosys Technologies, Misys, Thomson Reuters etc) and managed multi-million dollars of Software business heading APAC Regions.