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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

You are Welcome! We honestly suggest you, first register with the and try the product and see its features. Simulate your business scenario into and if you feel it fulfils your requirement then go for the subscription.


How do I register?

In the website click on the “Try me / Free Trial”. Enter your first and last name and one of your preferred and valid email ID. This will be your user id for login. You will receive an email in the above registered email with password. Click on the link “Register”. You will be directed to the application and prompted to enter password of your choice.

With these, the registration process is complete and now you are ready to go head with your business. We recommend the option Configuration > Admin Configuration at any later point to configure your bank balance.


Can I change my password?

Yes. You can change your password whenever you wish to change.


What should I do once I change the password?

Kindly log out from the and log in with your new password.


Can I change registered email ID?

Yes. You have to communicate to support team to change the registered mail ID


What if lose my password?

Kindly, click on forgot password option in log in screen. Please follow the instruction to reset the new password.

What are the system requirements for

Internet connection required (medium to high-speed connection recommended)

Supported browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Safari 6.1, Internet Explorer 9 and above.

For windows users, we request to download latest version of Chrome, Firefox, if you don’t have.


What happens if my Internet access is down?

If your Internet connection at your present location is down you won’t be able to access You can still access your books from any computer with an Internet connection. You can go to the local internet café shop or your known contacts that has Internet access available. Else, maintain the transaction manually, and then enter it to system once the internet up.

How does the trial work?

It’s easy. will send the email with login name and password to your email ID. Sign in with that credentials and change the password once you logged in. A 2 min steps will finish the registration and you are ready to access full access of You can cancel at any time.

During the Free trial period, you will be given access to all the menus and unlimited options.


As a trial user, do I have complete access to Online?

Yes! The trial is a full working version.


What are the up front costs to joining AcTouch?

There are no up front or setup costs to using, you need to select the appropriate pricing plan and go for it. Also, there is no obligation period for using once you have signed up.

Do I need to know the accounting?

No. You just need to know, how to create Purchases, Sales and Payment, Receipt, book expenses and income. The rest will be taken care by To help, we offer easy instructions so you can quickly and confidently do your business. We suggest kindly go through the accounting glossary
Do you provide phone or email support?

Yes, we support Phone support from 10AM – 7PM everyday from Monday to Saturday. You can also send an email to if you have any queries.


Does AcTouch have customer support & what is the cost?

We provide online Help Guide, which contains a detailed online user guide; this cost is included within your monthly subscription. At any time you can contact our Customer Care team for free by email with any questions or suggestions.


Do you have any offline solution?

No. We provide only online solutions over Internet.

We believe the cloud solution is the future. With cloud business solutions have number of benefits like anytime anywhere access, data security, real-time synchronisation, etc.

Give it a try, we are confident that you would like it.
Can I reactivate my account if I discontinue my subscription?

Yes. Kindly contact

Is their any refund, if I would like to cancel in between after the payment?

If you are not satisfied with our services, within 30 days from the subscription date, we will fully refund the cost of your order. If its more than 30 days, we would refund the money on prorate basis

Can I retrieve my data if I decide to stop using

You can export data out of in the forms of reports before your subscription lapses, or before you delete or cancel your plan.

Do you back up my data?

Yes. In addition to always maintaining two copies of your data, we automatically back up your updated data every 4 hours. Its stored on firewall protected, redundant servers so your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers and viruses.


Can I restore my file and data to a previous point of time?

No. Because we update your records with every change, we cannot restore your file to a previous point in time.

What about data privacy and security?

We provide a bank level security to your data. When you use, you’re using industry standard security protocols — the sort of thing your bank uses for online security. Your data is much safer at than at your office or home computer. is hosted on state of the art infrastructure with redundancy, which means, if one site goes down, application will be accessible from another site automatically. uses 256bit encryption, which is similar to bank level security to protect the data transfer from hackers. The facilities are controlled with 24/7 monitoring, and the technology is digitally protected.


How frequently you backup my data? is hosted on state of the art infrastructure with redundancy, which means, if one site goes down, application will be accessible from another site automatically.

Backups are taken every 4 hours to protect the application data.

What happens to my trial data if I decide to subscribe?

Suppose if you registered to for the trial and you feel that it will help you to do the business. Now you wish to subscribe for the and do the real transaction. Now, you have two options,

  1. Continue with actual transaction with retaining the previous transaction details.
  2. The data you entered during the trail period can be deleted with single click on button. But note that these data will not be made available again.


Does own my data?

No. You own your data. However, the Subscriber controls access to the data if he has allowed his user or staff to access the data.

Can I get a copy of my data on my local computer hard drive?

Yes. You have the option to download a copy of your data and keep it on your own computer in the form of reports. This gives you the added comfort and control of storing the data yourself as well as having us back it up.


How can I pay for the subscription?

At present, you can make a payment as follows,

  • Net banking/ NEFT
  • Demand Draft (DD) / Cheque payment
  • Cash

How long does my data stay in

  • For the paid customer will retain data for the 48 months, post that the data will be purged.
  • For the free customer will retain data for the 16 months, post that the data will be purged.


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