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Our Simple and Easy Price Plans for All

Inventory and Accounting Software

We help to you to manage your Order processing, Inventory, Product costing etc. We have 2 offerings.

  1. Inventory Software – This doesn’t have Accounting features
  2. Accounting Software – This has all the accounting features with Inventory management

Inventory Software – Rs 400/month/user

Accounting Software – Rs 650/month/user

Manufacturing Software

Along with Inventory Module, now manage your business with

  1. Order Processing – Purchase and Sales Processing, Sales Quotes etc
  2. Manufacturing Process – BOM with by-product management, Work Order, Routing etc
  3. Manufacturing Process – Subcontracting and Jobwork process management.

Manufacturing Software – Rs 1000/month/user

Cloud ERP Software

Along with Inventory and Manufacturing modules features, additional features like,

  1. Financial Controls and FIS reports
  2. Manage your Quality process
  3. Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  4. Warranty module

Cloud ERP Software – Rs 1500/month/user

Compare the Product Features? Check here – Product Comparison

Why Customer Love Us?

Customer feedback

We do take Customer feedback on regular intervals. We also try to get a feedback from the prospects, who decided not to use our application. These feedbacks helped us to improve our Customer engagement, ensure the product features are simplified and more than that gave Value to the money.

80% of Our customers moved from Tally Software. Check how we co-exist with Tally Software?

For those, who prefers to decide what they want? We also offer following deal

  1. Number of User License model – Based on the business needs you can decide on any number of user licenses.
  2. One time payments / License with recurring Annual maintenance contract of 20%

Call us now at +91 – 080- 2662 9236 or email at for more details.

Data Security, Terms and Conditions

  1. neither own any of your data and we only provide application to use.
  2. Data ownership remains with the Customers and they can export data in excel format anytime.
  3. 30 days money refund guarantee: If you are not satisfied and not happy with our services, we will refund your money after deducting administration charges of Rs 5000 or 10% of the total license fees, whichever is higher. No questions asked.
  4. If you need any customisation, please contact We will charge separately for this services
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