ERP for Traders and Distributors

Manage your business across multiple Units, Warehouses and Partners

ERP for Traders, Retailers and Distributors

Many of our Traders and distributors are in selling Automobile Components, Small and Large Machine, Supplying Raw materials for manufacturers, Selling cutting Tools, Electronic items etc. product is designed to handle all these types of scenario, complexity etc. We help our Traders to manage the Inventory, Finance and Accounting, distribution of materials etc.

erp for retail, trading and distribution

ERP for Traders and Distributors.

Many Traders and Distributors have business like Automobile Components, Large Machine, Hand tools, Bearings etc and they sell across India. The way they do business is, they buy from OEM or Manufacturing companies and sell to another Traders and Manufacturing companies. Many times these items are Batch or Serial Numbered or they have multi units of measurements like No of Sheets and also total Weight in KGs.

Today industry is depending on these Distributors to supply the majority of the components and made available to everyone.

Few Traders do the Import of material and also does the export of Finished Goods. They need to handle “Landing Cost” of the materials and also need a strict control on “Cost of Finished Goods”.

If you have the Sub Dealers and Sub-distributors then you can help them with’s Dealer Management Apps.

ACTouch Cloud ERP software specially designed for Traders and Distributors to handle their complex process. Some of the common features are

  1. Sales Order Processing
  2. Purchase Order Processing
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Finance and Management
  5. Import and Export business.
  6. Planning and Forecasting.
  7. Costing module to control FG and RM costs.
  8. Manage your product landing costs etc.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

  1. Create Sales order and convert to a WO to track the productions
  2. Manage the Invoices, Job work Invoices.
  3. Manage Purchase orders, Receive Materials etc

Import and Export Business.

  1. Manage your Import of items with Landing Cost features.
  2. Packing list and convert it to Invoices. Helps to manage Customs and others
  3. Manage the GST Taxation

Inventory Control

  1. Accurate Costing of Raw Materials to Finished Goods
  2. Manage Stocks of Batch, Non Batch and MUOM items.
  3. Helps to manage Physical inventory and stocks.

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

  1. Handle Material, Labor, Machine costs to 100% accuracy
  2. Bottom up approach to get the Finished Goods costs.
  3. Reduce the cost of By-product or Scrap sales.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  1. Manage your product Demand and supply
  2. Helps to generate Purchase Indents and Work Orders
  3. Helps to balance the items with Re-Order level stocks.

Finance and GST

  1. Manage your Payments and Receipts
  2. Manage your Multi Currency transaction with Triangulations.
  3. GST and Taxes.
  4. Track 100% materials sent to Contractor and how much he produced at one place.

Complete Integrated Solution is a completely integrated Solution for Manufacturers, Jobworkers, Large Machine Manufacturers etc.

Quality Management.

  1. Manage all your Quality testings
  2. Reports the quality cases at Stock Receipts, FG Receipt etc.
  3. Generate the reports to see the Quality issues, if any.
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