Calibration Software for today's Calibration Vendors

Helps you to be Quality compliant.

What is “Calibration on Cloud”, a Calibration Management Software?

Calibration management software (CMS) is an application made to schedule the calibration of instrumentation and maintenance requirements in all sorts of industrial settings.As one kind of enterprise asset management applications, CMS manages maintenance and repair operations. Industries that utilize calibration management software include oil and gas extraction and refining, pharmaceutical businesses, power production facilities and food production facilities.

Calibration Management Software uses a combination of scheduling, history and communicating with field instrumentation to ensure calibration, adjustments or replacements are performed on a timely basis to manage vibration, expansion and contraction, and frictional wear. The software helps ensure that transferring parts have lubricants which consumable products used in a procedure are replaced beforehand. As opposed to waiting for things to operate low or for problems to happen, CMS schedules maintenance for if it is optimal, wasting neither time nor funds. CMS assists in error and cost reduction and improved productivity and organization.

Calibration Management Software, is 21st century solution for Calibration Vendors who are mobile and aggressive to grow their business. 

You focus on your business and your worries are taken care by us with our Calibration Software.

ACTouch Calibration Management Software Offers unique advantages.

Service Request Forms (SRF)

Create a SRF with all the details. Collect all information like Customer, Departments, DUCs, Serial Number and don't miss anything.

Jobwork - Track Customer Devices

Tracking of Customer Devices (DUC) from Collection till Delivery of Devices to Customer. Because Jobwork helps to track all Testing results

Beautiful Certificates

You can customise your Certificates as per your need now. Get an approval from ``Reviewer`` or ``Approvers`` and make your customer Happy

Tracking of Invoices and Payments

Track the Payments to be collected fro your Customers. Do not miss a Single payment and no more delays from Customers. Manage your cash flows efficiently.

NABL and Other Testing Agencies Compliant

Traceability of DUCs and Customer requirements from Service Requests to Payment Receipts. No more missing threads at all.

Customer Support Desk

An efficient front desk to collect the DUCs, send them for Repair and Deliver to Customer. Win your Customers heart with your efficient service

Sales Orders, Quotations

Send a beautiful Quotations and raise blanket Purchase Orders for a year. Trace every DUCs against agreed Purchase Orders and do not miss any


List of Reports of Service Requests, Jobworks, DUCs, Delivery Challans, Reports and many more. Download the Traceability and Audit Reports

Quality Compliance

Set your Quality procedures for each devices, Standards to use and Test cases to follow. No more mismatches and errors. Meet 100% NABL and Quality compliance

We support large Companies to manage their Devices and Quality Compliance. “Customer Portal” is the right tool along with our Calibration Software

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Price Plans

All prices are in USD. Call us at +91 80 26629236 or email: for different prices

  • Calibration on Cloud
    US$ 360.00 /User / Year
    • Service Requests (SRF)
    • Jobworks & Track them
    • Invoicing & collections
    • Onsite and Outsource Activities
    • Master data – Devices, Make and Model, Standards
    • Reports including Traceability, Audit history etc.
    • User Access control by IP Address and Menu Access Controls.
    • Track all Standards Certifications, Calibrated History

  • Calibration Software with Customer Portal
    US$ 600.00 /User / Year
  • “Calibration on Cloud” features +

    • 100% Secure and private
    • Every Users will have his own Tracking PORTAL / Dashboard.
    • Enable Customers to access their own data. Customer can have his own login and Portal
    • Submission RFQ, Test Points in online
    • 100% Quality compliance.
    • User Access to each Customer is enabled at a small fees of $10 /user/month

Note: Implementation Charges (USD 1250.00) would be extra and its a one time payment. We provide a dedicated Implementation consultant, who can guide and help to implement the Software quickly.

  1. Create master data like Customers, DUCs, Make and Model etc and review them
  2. Make list of Standards and it’s documentations.
  3. Online Training on each modules and support.
  4. UAT Support and resolve Testing issues.
  5. GO-Live and Post go live teething problems resolutions.

This is an optional services and Customer’s can take it or they can implement the solution themselves. 

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