GST Returns, Do not forget the dates of returns.

What is GST return?

Every company thats registered under GST Act has to periodically furnish the details of Sales, Purchases and Tax paid and collected by filing return with GST Authorities.
 GST return format  – Download GST return format. PDF
One of the major changes is GST expects you to submit the returns with Bills and its Items with HSN Codes. Before filing any return payment of tax due is pre requisite otherwise such return will be invalid. So be careful with dates by when each of these returns to file.

GST Cloud ERP solutions

Steps for Filing GST Returns with Date of Returns. There are multiple types of GST Returns – Filing GST Returns Online.
1.    Monthly Details of Inward Suppliers in Form GSTR-1 by 10th Next Month
2.   Monthly Details of Outward Suppliers in Form GSTR-2 by 15th Next Month
3.   Monthly Filing of Returns in Form GSTR-3 by 20th Next Month
4.   Quarterly Filing of Returns in Form GSTR-4 by 18th of month of next Quarter
5.   Monthly periodic return by Non Resident Foreign tax Payer GSTR-5 by 20th Next Month 
6.   Monthly periodic return for Input service distributor (ISD) form GSTR -6 by 15th Next Month 
7.   Monthly periodic GST return for TDS form GSTR-7 by 10th Next Month 
8.  Monthly periodic return by eCommerce suppliers – GSTR-8 by 10th Next Month 
9.   Annual Filing of return Form GSTR-9 by 31st December of next financial year.
Note that once the monthly returns on 20th of next month is done, you can’t modify the details again. So be careful. Filing GST Returns Online.

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