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Do not trust everyone, but do you face these problems?


Check everything to make sure you choose the right solution for you. We will help you.

I don't know where is my Stock and how much?

Identify your fast and slow moving items, track your Product costing, Manage your inventory and control the costs.

I have problems with Tax and Compliance issues

No more missing of any Invoices and Bills while submitting Tax Returns. You can do your returns now.

I dont know my profit margins. I have to wait for my Accountant to tell me.

Who runs the business for you? Now see the cashflow, Profit and Loss by yourself. You are the BOSS for your Business.

I am loosing my business, as I frequently miss my Customer delivery deadlines.

We have built tools to manage Production, PPC, Subcontracting, Jobwork operations.

I don't know what is happening in my other Units or Branches?

Integrate your multiple Factories, Sales units and branches into one Cloud ERP Solutions. Now you control your integrated business like an MNC Business.

My Accounting software is not helping me to make a decision

Let your Accountant or Auditor run their current software. We have integration to push Invoice & Bills for him to complete his work.

I don't know what are my Sales persons doing on Field? I am not getting new business

Integrate your business across Sales persons, Customers and Vendors. Improve the visibility & gain Trust. Mobile Apps, Dealers Portals could do wonders.

My employees leave my company very quickly and don't know what to do?

Simple process & controls will improve your Employees productivity, trust and their commitment to Organisation.

Do you want to know how we solved these problems?

Business Verticals that our Cloud ERP Solutions support



We support Process based, Project or Configure Product based or Discrete Manufacturing business with our ERP Solutions.

Retail and Distribution

Retail and Distributors

We help Retail & Distributors with efficient stock management with Costing. Manage products with multiple batches and expiry dates, units etc.

Sales Force Apps


Beautiful Mobile Apps helps to focus more to achieve your targets. Sales persons can manage their Orders, Track Expenses & submit Daily Sales Reports.

Integrate with your favourite Tools and Software

Now you can upload the data from Excel, POS Transactions & Invoices, Interfaced to eCommerce and your own Portal into, a Cloud ERP Solutions. The transaction data like Invoice and Bills with Inventory details can be posted to accounting software like Tally Software. No more manual data entry across multiple departments.

In summary, both your Business team and Accounting & Auditing teams are happy.

Excel, eCommerce and Tally Integrations

Transform your business into Digital Age and make profit

Today’s business is more competitive than yesterday. Everyone uses new technology to reach and retain customers. Your business success is differentiated by having new technologies and by increased Customer Focus.

This opens a question, are you ready for the change?

Transform your business into Digital Age

Business is changing rapidly. Yesterday’s large business houses are struggling to remain in the same position as new technology companies with “Light Stocks” are replacing them. No one has monopoly on any verticals. Technology is helping business to reach to Customer and serve them 24×7 efficiently.

But, these transformation begins with you, Business Owners. Say, “Yes” to change now.

Connect your business to your eco-system to serve them better.

Simplify the Business process and documentation. Integrate your business across Customers and Vendors. Improve the Communication, transaction visibility and gain their Trust. Mobile Apps, Dealers Portals could do wonders for them.

Building and Creating an eco-system is the best way to grow your business. Connect them now. gives you the true multi channel solution on any device

Sales and Invoices

It's easy to create elegant and beautiful invoices for your customers. You can create Sales Orders and handle Sales Returns too.

Inventory Management

Efficient stock management with ABC Costing. Integrated with Sales, Purchase, Production etc.

All in One (AIO)

A Cloud POS solution for Business Owners. Easily manage your Sales, Purchases, Payments and Receipts from ONE place.

Purchase & Receipts

Track your Purchases and ensure that you never pay more than what you bought. Stock alerts help you to know when to Purchase.

Sales Quotation

Send a beautiful quote to your customer and win the deal

Payments and Receipts

Manage your Payments and never miss Receivables from Customers. Track all your expenses and receivables.


Manage your in-house production, Subcontracting or Job-work process. No more stock mismanagement or loosing track of stocks at vendors

Warranty, SMS, BarCodes

Warranty feature to manage your Services, Repairs etc. Outbound SMS & BAR CODE helps to attract and retain Customers

Accountant's Section

Pass Journal and Contra entries, prepare Balance sheet, PL and Trial balance in NO TIME. Everything is automatic and accurate

How our Customers found their success wth

OEM Manufacturer

“, cloud ERP Solution helped us to save 50% of our efforts in managing Inventory, Jobwork etc. Now we started our second company due to these time savings. I am happy that I did the right choice”

Manjunath Naik. Director, IM SafteySolutions.

Trader and Distributor

“This is the best team and the Software support I’ve received. Twice I needed help – and both times it came quickly, in a very professional and easy to understand way. Today our three businesses are using”

Mukund B.S. CEO, ReNewIT, Bangalore

Calibration Vendor

“AcTouch Team developed our Calibration process on Cloud with the necessary customisation. They helped us to move into Digitisation of our manual process. For this digitisation, we received a prestigious award from GE Healthcare”.

Vijay Kumar, Director, TransCal Bangalore

Few awards and Customer recognition

2017 Promising SaaS Startups
Great User Experience
Customer's Choice Award