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Tally Integration


Today nearly 80% of our customer base moved from Tally Software to The reasons to migrate could be anything. But, this raised a question on our “Customer delight” focus and how we address a new challenge to build a Tally Integration with Slowly the demand started coming from CA and Auditors too. (Read our article on 80% of our customers migrated from Tally Software)

Tally integration

A sample Tally integration process flow.

Many customers were happy with We provide an end to end integrated Cloud ERP Software with Sales, Quotes, CRM, Purchase, Manufacturing, Payments & receipts, Post sales Warranty etc. We also built an interface to Amazon Seller Central and other Portal to sell Online. However these customer’s CA / Auditors were finding it difficult to re-enter all the Invoices, Bills again into Tally Software and file the compliance needs. So the work load was 2 times and it was not making any sense to us.


It took time for us to develop this Tally Integration interface. There were two major ways how the business used Tally Software. So we built 2 types of interfaces.

  1. Tally Integration with inventory management.
  2. Tally Integration without inventory management.


We allow our customers to download Sales and Purchase details from in Tally Software format. We provide an API that to be implemented at Tally Software to upload this data. 

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Below we are explaining the technicalities on how we did this interface. May be this would help others to follow and make their customer happy.

Follow the rules to set’s Tally Integration feature.

Basic rules to follow for Tally Integration to work with

  1. Tax names should be match between Tally Software and
  2. Units of measurement (UOM) should match between Tally Software and This helps to identify whetehr you sell in KG or NO or PIECE etc
  3. Please note that if Product is not there in Tally Software, we would create the same and upload the data. But this rules changes based on the following
    1. It is only for Inventoryenabld Tally Software
    2. If Tally Software is enabled for Non-Inventory(Account only) then product wouldn’t be created.
  4. Leger names should map in Tally Software
  5. Product master mapping with Tally Software Product names
  6. Supplier / vendor master mapping with Tally Software Vendor names / Ledger
  7. Customer master mapping with Tally Software Customer names / Ledger


Follow the below steps in

Follow the path in – Settings -> Master Configuration -> Tally integration

Tax Mapping :- Tally Software tax ID and AcTouch Tax ID mapping to be done as below

Tally ERP integration

Few Settings to be done at Tally Software

Sales Setting – Follow the below path to begin the setting

Accounting info ->Voucher type -> Alter -> Select voucher type (Sale) -> Select ledger with “Yes” And Method of voucher numbering  should be in “Manual”

Purchase setting

Accounting info ->Voucher type -> Alter -> Select voucher type (Purchase) -> Select ledger with “Yes” And Method of voucher numbering  should be in “Manual”

Now Export excel from AcTouch

Settings -> Master Configuration-> Tally integration -> Sales Register

In that Search data range or monthly wise download excel for Sales Invoices and Purchase bills

Settings-> Master Configuration ->Tally integration -> Purchases register

In that Search data range or monthly wise download excel

Data from to Tally Software to Upload

  1. Install “ interface to Tally Software” in Tally Software
  2. Upload the downloaded TCP files into Tally Software in “Excel Import Utilities”

All the Invoices and Bills details are imported into Tally. This helps Customers to modify or change some information to suit their needs.

That’s all. Now you are integrated with Tally Software and no need of a Developer now. ERP Features list for your reference

Call us at +91 90360 12094 or for more details.


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