Dhandha, India's 1st Mobile App on Cloud for SMEs

Designed for Business Owners and Book-Keepers

Invoice and Billing App

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Dhandha Tutorials – Learn How To Use Dhandha Invoice and Billing App

 Create Your First Purchase Bill in Seconds with Dhanda -Billing and Invoice App.

Dhandha App for Business Owners and Book-Keepers

“Dhandha” or “Dhanda”, means Business, is the normal word used to describe each ones business in India. “Dhandha” / “Dhanda” word is used in nearly 30+ states in India and has the same meaning.

Best Invoicing and Billing Mobile App

Dhandha Mobile Apps for SMEs


“Dhandha” is India’s FIRST Cloud Based Multi Lingual Mobile Apps for SMEs. Totally Free with GST Invoicing, Billing App with Multi Language & Tally Interface. The data is stored in Amazon Cloud and is safe from anyone.

Dhandha Mobile App is 100% Free for all. Why we are giving it FREE?

We want to help Business Owners and Book-Keepers to MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY.

If you don’t like Mobile to enter multiple Bills and Invoices? No problem. We have Web Interface to login and do the transactions. You can also login to our web portal and do the transactions. Visit https://www.actouch.com/ and login to your account.

Dhandha: Multi Lingual Enabled one

India’s first Multi Language Invoicing, Billing and GST Mobile Apps with an interface to Tally Software for Accounting entries. Both business owners and CA / Auditors are happy now. Multi Lingual features with data entry screens. Choose which language screens you want to work and its done. 1. English 2. Hindi 3. Kannada 4. Gujarati 5. Punjabi 6. Marathi We are planning to launch many more languages compatibility soon.

Dhandha: Data is secured on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We help Indian Business owners who are on the move to manage their Customer and Supplier masters with Products. They can make a GST Invoice with Tax Details and send to their Customers. Now SMEs can manage their cash flows, expenses and incomes reports etc. Even if you loose your mobile, your data is always safe and secure.

All your data is secured on “Dhandha” Apps on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with highest level of data encryption and Security. There is no chance of loosing the data as its always secured in the AWS all the time. Now business owners need not worry on the mundane work and focus on more Sales and earn Money.


Dhandha: Interface to Tally Software to help Book-Keepers

Tally Interface is available to send all your Invoice and Bills data to your CA / Auditor. No more tension of missing deadlines. Export your Bills and Invoice details in excel and send to your CA for the tax compilation and Auditing. No more headaches and pain.

Ask your CA to contact us to collect the Tally upload tool. Send an email to sales@actouch.com


Dhandha: Business features and Functions

  1. Create Invoice in 2 min and send the materials. Prepare the Invoice as per the new rules, print and dispatch your products. Send an email with Invoice Print copy. No more physical print required.
  2. Enter your Bills on move. Track Bills and manage receipt of the items. You know how much to pay your vendor and no more dependency on anyone.
  3. Track your Payments and Receipts. Never Track the payments and receipts. Don’t miss your Customer payments and manage partial payments too.
  4. GST Returns You can rely 100% on us for the accurate data returns and ensure that GST data is compiled properly. No more tensions.
  5. Reports Track all the reports, invoices, billing, Payments and Receipts etc.
  6. Bank Level Data Security 100% Data secured and we provide a regular data backup. So that you relax and do your business.
  7. Tally Software Interface Business owner can create Invoice and Bills at his convenience. Once the data is ready, he can send them in TALLY UPLOADABLE FORMAT to his CA / Auditor / Book-keepers. This reduces the time to both the parties.



How Dhandha helps Business Owners and Book-Keepers?

Handle Your Invoicing Easily

Create your Invoices as per your business needs.

Record your Purchase Bills

Create your Purchase Bills

Tally Interface

Migrate your Invoices and Bills to TALLY Software so that your CA / Auditor is Happy

Payment and Receipt

Manage your Payments and Receipts efficiently. No more missing Payments.

GST Taxes Reports

GST Compliant with GSTR1, GSTR 2 reports. Send them to your CA to file to GSTN.

Bank Level Security

We provide Bank level Security and your data is safe with us.

We are in News

Many newspapers from National and States covered our Dhandha apps for the SMEs. We were covered by many more as part of our FREE Offerings for the SMEs segment. We are doing a social service to our Business Community by offering this Apps FREE.

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