Manufacturing ERP for Heavy and Large Machine Manufacturers, for OEMs

Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software for Large Businesses, OEM Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing ERP Software: OEM Components Manufacturers / Large Machine Manufacturers


ACTouch Manufacturing ERP Software is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system that supplies a transformation for companies from the software that is conventional. In today’s hostile business environment, it’s essential to be ready to confront a competitive world. Cloud ERP features solution that enables companies to compete at the prevailing market. A better direction of your manufacturing processes transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with finance

Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software for Large / Heavy Machine Manufacturing Companies, Cranes and Hoisting Companies, OEM Components manufactures.’s Manufacturing ERP Software has been designed for the Large Manufacturing Companies with complex manufacturing process, inventory management and a complex Work Flow process. We handle different types of manufacturing like

  1. Heavy Machine Manufacturing Companies – Here each machine manufacturing would take 15 days to 6 months
  2. Cranes and Hoist Manufacturing Companies
  3. Original Equipment Manufacturing Companies like Motors and Pumps.

Large Machine manufacturing companies face major issues with managing Inventory as the Raw Materials (RM) are issued to production for the components assembly. This process takes from 15 days to 180 days. This makes the stock mismatch and they struggle with actual stock inventory. Traditional ERP doesn’t help much here.

Demand Notes module helps here with the Accurate Issuance of Stocks, Manage production Work Orders, Report the Production progress, Subcontracting operation etc.

Workflow Approval process will help to reduce the time and save money in managing the Resources and reduce Wastage. ERP Software resolves the below major problems

  1. Issuance of Stocks and Work In progress item identification and controls.
  2. Finished Goods reporting with accurate COSTING (Activity Based Costing – ABC)
  3. Transfer of Materials from STORES based on Material request forms and approval.
  4. Manage the Subcontracting operation, its costing and payments.
  5. Multi Layer Bill of Materials.
  6. Helps to manage the Weekly Production plans and helps to withdraw the entire Raw Materials at one go.
  7. Identify the production shortage and raise PURCHASE INDENTs
  8. Supplier and Customer outstanding ledgers
  9. Manage the GST / VAT taxes as per the country needs
  10. Manage the Multi Currency with Export business.
  11. Manage Multi Company and Multi Branch Business from One Place

Your Data and Our Cloud ERP Software.

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Best Manufacturing ERP Software in India

Simplify your Work, Improve Process and Reduce Cost with Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Features that helps you to WIN your Competition.


Sales and Invoice management
Inventory Management
Purchase Order Management
Demand Notes and Materials issuances.

It's easy to create Elegant and Beautiful Sales Orders, Invoices for your customers. You can also handle Sales Returns easily.

Manage the Configurable Products, convert a Customer Demand directly to a Work Order ensures that information is clearly passed to Production Departments.

Efficient stock management with ABC Costing. Integrated with Sales, Purchase and Production etc. Manage the inter location stock transfer or Inter Company transfer with ease and Delivery Challan. We use Moving Weighted Average Costing approach for the inventory costing.

You can manage the Batch items with expiry dates, Stocks can be held in Multiple Units etc.

Reorder level alerts can save huge money for you.

Now your multiple departments can raise Purchase Indents and these can be converted to Purchase Orders. Track your Orders and ensure that you never pay more than what you bought. Stock alerts help you to know when to Purchase etc.

Now you can compare multiple vendor’s prices for a product and decide who is the best for you. Helps to find vendor performance too.

One of the best solution designed for Large Machine Manufacturing Companies.

Demand notes module helps to block the materials as the Raw Materials issued and these are tracked against the WO and its Operations. As the materials are issued at different stages, the Costs, Labor costs are tracked to finished goods level.

Payments and Receipts
Manufacturing - In House Production
ABC (Activity based costing) management
Job Work Management

Now it is easy to manage your Vendor Payments and never miss Customer Payments. Track all your expenses and receivables at one place. Alerts are available for you to track them efficiently.

Maker-Checker feature will help you to manage the Business much easily.

Manage your in-house production with Work Orders, Routings, Bill of Materials, Subcontracting or Job-work process. No more stock mismanagement or loosing track of stocks at vendors.

ABC (Activity Based Costing) will help you to find your accurate cost of Finished Goods.

Materials Requests can be sent from Production department to Stores to collect materials based on the needs.

ABC or Activity based costing is one of the best features in that helps Manufacturing Companies to know and understand the Finished goods costing. helps you to book Labor, Machine, Overhead and Raw Materials costs into Finished goods. We also have the facility to manage the by-products and separate it’s from Finished Goods.

One of the major challenges in Jobwork is, we receive the materials from Customers and we shouldn’t add them into your OWN STOCK. handles this process with Work Orders, Transfer of materials to production etc. easily.

Financial Management
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
Import Purchase and Product Landing cost problems
Import and Export Module

Pass Journal (General Ledger) and Contra entries, Prepare Balance sheet, PL and Trial balance in ZERO TIME. Everything is automatic and 100% accurate. You can manage the Budgets and also Cost Centre costing.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) checks the Demand for products (Sales and Forecasting) and uses product structure information / Bill of Materials (BOM) to calculate demand for Components / Raw materials.

It creates automatic Purchase Indents and Planned Work Orders. It reduces 90% of workload for your teams.

Do you know your products “Landing Cost”, if you are importing from overseas? We can help to give you the exact value of your “Landing Costs” including Customs, Logistics and Insurance etc.

Many businesses make loss by not focusing on these small and important factors.

We are one of the few ERPs that help with Import and Export module. It’s a complicated process with Packing List and its mapped to Sales Order (Multiple Sales Orders) and converts them into ONE INVOICE for receiving the payments.

Many of our import and export customers have appreciated as it did a time saving of 65%.

Additional Features to improve your Business.


Multi Entity / Companies
Multi Sites and Branches
Maker-Checker process
Approval process Workflow Management

Single Sign-on feature of can help you to simplify the data consolidation for your multiple companies.

Now you can add User Access Rights for each Company separately to do their work like Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing etc. Features like consolidation of inventory / stock reports, Balance sheet across companies makes your life easy.

As your business grows, you will have multiple branches or warehouses in the same city or across another city. So each unit can have it’s own Stock, Purchase & Sales Process etc. The end users are different across the branches with different access rights.

One of the strong features of is “Maker-Checker” feature and it works like “Enterer and Approver” concept for all the modules. You decide where you want more controls and financial discipline etc and enable the features.

We helped many Industries to avoid fraud and misuse of money

Business owners assign multiple tasks to Sales or Finance or Production teams etc. But Owners follow with emails, phone calls etc.

Our workflow management tool is central to business needs and helps departments to manage their complex internal communication process and action to happen based on some trigger etc. This helps company’s efforts to improve the process and efficiency.

Manufacturing ERP Software | ERP for Manufacturing Industry

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Create a BOM

Manage Subcontracting

Sales and Invoices

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OEM Manufacturer

“ helped us to save 50% of our efforts in managing Inventory, sending and receiving etc. Because of this, now we started our second company due to these time savings. I am happy that I did the right choice”

Manjunath Naik. Director, IM SafteySolutions.

Trader and Distributor

“This is the best team and the Software support I’ve received. They always helps us quickly, in a very professional and easy to understand way. Today our three businesses are using”

Mukund B.S. CEO, ReNewIT, Bangalore

Calibration Vendor

“ACTouch Team developed our Calibration process on Cloud with the necessary customisation. They helped us to move into Digitisation of our manual process. For this digitisation, we received award from GE Healthcare”.

Vijay Kumar, Director, TransCal Bangalore

ACT NOW to streamline your Manufacturing process to increase Productivity and Efficiency

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* Create Invoice in 2 min and send the materials
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* GST Returns
* Reports
* Bank Level Data Security
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  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Department Collaboration
  • Scalable Resource
  • Integrated Information
  • Cost Savings
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Mobility
  • Customized Reporting
  • Increased Productivity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Flexible Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Data Reliability
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  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Department Collaboration
  • Scalable Resource
  • Integrated Information
  • Cost Savings
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Mobility
  • Customized Reporting
  • Increased Productivity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Flexible Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Data Reliability