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On Job Training for Software Professionals

What is On Job Training?

On Job training, also known as OJT, is creating an environment where the new employees are given an opportunity to learn the new skills, get knowledge, apply what they learnt that are needed for him / her to perform a specific tasks within a workplace.


On Job Training


This approach uses the existing workplace space, tool and techniques, documents, methodology and process. There is no class room training or some trainer kind of aspects. What happens here is the existing employees will train and hand hold the new employees.


But, in case of’s OJT and Certification program, we are creating an “Employee” from “Freshers / Trainees / Engineers” as they are given an opportunity to learn and practice technology on real time development environment.


It occurs within the normal working environment that a Fresher experiences “on Job training” and learn new things. New learnings will occur as he performs actual work, or it may occur elsewhere within the workplace using structured approach.


Today the existing education system is not helping any one. There is a huge GAP in the expectation of the IT Industry, Education Institution, Parents and Students. Let us explain it more as these are the entities that are responsible for the current problems or challenges created.

  1. Parents are looking at the yesterday’s success stories and believe that their kids will excel in todays world. So they are pushing them to learn Computer Science or Information Technology Courses.
  2. IT Companies or Technology companies are looking at tomorrow and seeing how to disrupt the current business model or change the existing practices. So they want “all rounders” who can be easily deployable without much cost.
  3. Colleges are confused here as they have not invested in technologies or any experiment to understand the business needs or trends. The way today’s technology is changing, Colleges are not able to adapt to the changes. So it seems they have decided it to the fate of the students.
  4. Students – Many students don’t have a clarity on what they need. They are used to the basic teaching method where the professor tells them what to do, write and repeat in exams. So they have lost the curiosity to see and learn new things. So they are looking at someone to do a hand-holding.

Many Engineering colleges who teach Computer Science Engineering streams, still teach “C” and “Java” programs. They are not able to change the curriculum and not able to attract an experienced Professors or a technology expert, who can teach their students. So many engineering colleges are there to make money rather than help Industry.

On Job Training: Why you need it?

In India, we produce close to a million engineers every year. But the demand from industry is less than 200K. So what happens to the remaining? Few move into Masters, some more surrender to their fate and decide to get into workforce whichever they get. Rest continue to hunt for jobs. The job hunting pattern that emerges is some what as below.

  1. Year of Passing :- High hope and wants to join only MNC with minimum salary decided by their friends or family members.
  2. Year of Passing + Year 1 completed :- Slowly the reality emerges and wants to try any job that helps them to get into “a Company”. Now their parents start insulting them showing the neighbour who got a job. Now these students start looking out for any additional Trainings, learning new Test automation tools etc.
  3. Year of Passing + Year 2 is in progress :- Now they are desperate and dont know what to do. Many surrender to the fate of life and decides to do any job that they get. Few might decide to start a business with their friends.

But very few decide their career well in advance. They decide to go in the right direction that helps them. One of the way is “learning from fellow Engineers or from Programmers, who have done it”.


Today, in India, there are 100,000’s of training centres, who promise to make these Engineers an expert in technologies and get a job in MNC. Unfortunately these remain a promise and not a reality.


But many don’t know what to do?

So for a moment, think of an organisation that is proved itself in these advanced Web Technology and their programmers will teach you? Think of an opportunity where you get an opportunity to be part of the development team for 3 months? 

This is the birth of “On Job Training with Certification”.

Because we need 100’s of Engineers for our Business and we found it difficult to get them on board without a certificate program.

On Job Training: Why we are the best choice for you?

We are one of the few start-ups that’s been recognised by CIO 2017 Startups. We are one of the very few Cloud ERP solutions company that is giving a head-on fight for SAP B1, TCS iON and getting new customers. Today we have customer across India and foreign countries.

We built our team based on the following technologies and this is helping us to build our Cloud ERP Solutions and Mobile Apps. We use the below technologies extensively.

  1. Frameworks
    1. MVC Architecture
    2. ORM – Hibernate Framework
    3. Bootstrap framework
  2. Durandal.Js
  3. Angular.js
  4. Knockout Objects
  5. JQuery
  6. AJAX technologies
  7. REST APIs
  8. UX and UI.
  9. MySQL Database
  10. Mobile Application platform like IONIC, Android Native apps.

As part of On Job training, you are taught by our programmers, who would make themselves free from their busy schedule and train you.

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You will follow below process for Certification.

  1. Basic study on new technologies
  2. Do a Hands-on examples under the guidance of our Programmers.
  3. Reading more materials and understand the features
  4. Working in small groups and complete your assignments.
  5. You will follow the SDLC process to understand and do the real programming.
  6. Test your development in the real time environment.
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