2. Customer Jobwork

How to manage the Customer Job work process?

Job Work for Customer

A large number of medium and large industries depend on other small companies to complete the production activities. The activity undertaken by small industries to complete the process on raw material/semi-finished goods as desired by principal manufacturer is known as “Job Work”. 

Important: AcTouch.com helps to manage the materials that are received by the Customers, Track them and send the same back to customers. The materials received by the Customer shouldn’t add with OUR own inventory and it should be tracked separately.

This module has the following menus that help to run the business.

  1. Job Work order
  2. Inward DC
  3. Outward DC
  4. Convert Outward DC to Sales Invoice

There are relevant reports that help to track the stages of materials, how much received, how much is remaining to send to Customer etc.

Note: Please refer to the respective screens / menus for more details.

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