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ERP Go live Plans – AcTouch Technologies, we follow a implementation methodology with a clearly defined Scope, Timelines, Cost to implement. We follow pre-defined ERP Go live plans that’s been tested, validated and used frequently in customer implementation. Post every implementation, we receive the feedback and reconcile and fine tune the process. ERP Modules : ERP systems are quite vast and are built for a number of different industries. Following gives an idea on the features list.

  • Inventory Control System
  • Sales & Marketing System
  • Purchase Systems
  • Accounting & Finance System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Quality management
  • Plant maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Event Management System
  • Human Resource Management (HR & Payroll System)

Now the above will create a confusion during the Go Live period or on Cut-off date. How do you ensure that data collected, tested and uploaded is OK? How we ensure that we do not miss any or upload wrong data.

10 Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation.

Why a proper ERP Go Live plans are essential?

You have selected a right ERP solutions, choose a right teams and follow a methodology. However during the Cut-off date a slight or missing of an activity can create a Chaos and problem for the future. How we avoid it? When we agreed on a cut-off date, we get maximum 2 days. Typically its done on Weekend. So we get Saturday and Sunday to complete all the 100 tasks. Typically following are the activities done.

  1. We begin the data migration on Friday night, ensuring all the approved Master data is uploaded first. So we need the list of the masters and its approval.
    1. Product Masters
    2. Vendor Masters
    3. Customer Masters
    4. Product Groups
    5. Locations
    6. Product Images
  2. We enter all the opening balances for Customer and Suppliers. This could be a large list depending on Number of Customers / vendors and how many open Bills and Invoices to be collected.
  3. We setup the ERP control files and ensure that parameters are OK
  4. Setup the invoice, bills, purchase order formats, so that we get what we need.
  5. Enter opening account balances and bank details.
  6. Once the data is OK, we check the reports
  7. Get an approval of all the reports, opening stocks etc
  8. GO live.


For any more details and a FREE CHECKLIST, please send an email at or call us at +91 2662 9236.


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AcTouch Technologies is a start up company based in Singapore with its development centre at Bangalore, India. We focus on SMEs with our cloud ERP solutions. Today many SMEs of USD 100K to 10 Million are depending on us Company Founders have Management and Engineering degrees from prestigious colleges like INSEAD Business School France, NUS Singapore, BITS Pilani etc. Prior to starting this company, Founders have worked for 20+ years in large MNCs & Indian IT Big companies (Infosys Technologies, Misys, Thomson Reuters etc) and managed multi-million dollars of Software business heading APAC Regions.