Now a days every business owners are aware of free software solutions and its probable business solutions. They use Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. and they don’t know its on CLOUD and but they see the benefits. Many are looking for Cloud ERP Solutions for their Small Business. Some are looking for cloud based ERP Solutions for manufacturing or someone else looking for their trading business.

Whats important is everyone is Aware of the value a Cloud ERP  brings to table.

The current awareness programs and new technologies helped many young generation business owner’s intention to move to Cloud ERP Solution as they feel that some competent person to take care of the IT infrastructure, while they can focus to grow the business. So why Cloud ERP Solution is important for business?

Definition of ERP is “Enterprise Resource Planning”. You can check the details at and link is attached here.  A sample way to make an Invoice on Cloud ERP Solutions.

Why Small Industries are afraid of ERP Solutions?

During our sales activities and outbound calls, we meet many prospects who are terrified by ERP implementation and they are scared even to talk about Cloud based ERP Solutions and its implementation.

  1. Bad ERP implementation. Many large ERP companies sell the user licenses to customers. But the not having a good implementation partner will kill the implementation, because he is happy to collect the money, but forgets to implement. Who owns customers success?
  2. Bad customization. Running their Accounting software as ERP with customizations.
  3. Other business owners, Accountants and Consultants have given them bad advice to go against cloud ERP as these people don’t know the value. But always happy to give a FREE advice.
  4. Many Hardware vendors use the fear of customers to sell their expensive hardware, as they are aware that this customer is a “cash cow”.
  5. IT person in the company is afraid that Cloud ERP will make him to loose his job. So he will give the reason of “Data Security”. Truth is many companies share their financial details to their CA or Auditor over email or pen drive. So where is the data security?

During our meeting, our prospects always ask the same question.

Why should I buy your Cloud ERP Solutions?”

What’s driving the necessity of Cloud ERP solutions? It’s increased Business competition, reduction of margins, lack of resources etc. Businesses that adopt technology and spread its wings are surviving. Old method of sales is not working.

During the sales process, we came with many answers that have been justified to customers. We explain them and got a consensus and won the deal.

Why Small Industries should go for Cloud ERP Solutions?

1.   Reduced Total cost of ownership (TCO). You can save 40% to 50% of your annual IT budget.

How you save 40% of money? Simple, you don’t need to Purchase Hardware, Network or Software to run Cloud ERP. This is the straight saving and anyone with a little maths knowledge can explain this.

Many software vendors create a fear in the mind of Business owners that keep your data with you, so that no one can steal it. They are forced to buy

  1. New Hardware
  2. New PCs of higher end to run the new software.
  3. Put new network cables and others.
  4. Buy the licensed software like Windows, MS SQL etc
  5. Now suddenly a new IT person required to take backup, maintenance etc

Now you check the cost of this and you know how much you will save from moving to Cloud ERP Solutions.

For a Cloud ERP solution to run, you need the following

  1. Any device that has Internet browser to run and see.
  2. Internet connections

That’s all. Now you are ready to travel around and make world at your feet.

Don’t let your hardware guys to come and scare you on Cloud ERP Solutions. 


2.   Better ROI – Return on Investments

Once you save money on Hardware, Network expenditures, now you define a good business process that’s based on Cloud ERPs. Following some of the best international best practices built in the ERP would give more benefits and improves productivity. Reduction of unwanted process, data duplication is reduced. Now you see the immediate benefits.

Most of the Cloud EPR solutions vendors become your personalized IT team, who works for you 24X7 and you pay only for the services. No annual salary hikes, no annual appraisal, no employee tracking, no benefits.

More than that now you Focus on your business to grow


3.    Helps to define a process and makes people accountable for their activities – gives a mental piece and avoids “Fear of Unknown”

  1. By having a process that avoids repetitions and makes sure that everyone is on the same page to do and complete the work
  2. No more asking for Reports. All the reports are at your finger tips
  3. No need for Business owners to wait for report. Now they can check what they want and when they want.


4.    Alerts and workflows are beautiful with Cloud ERP Solutions.

Now you can track your business activities and set alerts on time. Don’t miss your payment to vendors, who can help you to build your successful business.

  1. Track your payments and receipts
  2. Track the receipts and don’t miss any payments
  3. Find the items that are stocked and forgotten. Don’t waste money that’s landed as your inventory
  4. Find the slow moving items and sell them before their EXIPRY dates


5.    Define business workflows

Many Cloud ERPs come with a business workflows and you can define or set your own process. Application will have many features and its always a difficult to decide what fits all at one go. So its important to understand the business, its process and then decide to configure it.

  1. Payment approval
  2. Purchase approval workflows
  3. Payment receipt workflows.
  4. Control the user access control and from where to access the data. A major security needs


Customer’s who resisted the changes, slowly started seeing the benefits and today nearly 15% of our customers have brought their second business or family business on, a Cloud ERP solutions. Few of our customers claim that they started saving nearly 60% of their time is being saved and their productivity has improved by 50%.

Now its your time to save money.

Click here to download the infographic details on “5 benefits of Cloud ERP Solutions”

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