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We at AcTouch are working on a product which we wish to offer to our customers on the Cloud. Our focus is to make the lives easier for small & medium size business. A One stop solution to manage their Gamut of day to day operations.

Cloud computing will transform the way business is done.

It becomes imperative for us to understand the scope of cloud in the coming years & how would it change & enhance our product & the end users. We can’t deny that data management couldn’t get any easier or accessible with the Cloud. A recent development stated that the Ontario’s Government is closing its Guelph Data Center to save millions of dollars. Thus, Cloud Computing continues to transform organizations & their functioning as we move towards the future.

Certainly, the operational cost have started to take the downward trend with people getting familiar with cloud & focusing on using this innovation as per their requirement & feasibility. New models have started taking shape & organizations have started considering this as their major medium of all future data management system.

The 2013 North Bridge Future of Cloud Computing Survey Reveals that “Business is driving the revolution deriving clear benefits from cloud adoption in the form of continuous innovation and business agility to yield competitive advantage.”

Studies project that more than 50 percent of all information technology will be in the cloud within the next five to ten years; not surprising, as international markets believe in cloud
virtualization, and it’s an ideal environment for many of their use cases.

However, one can’t deny that currently the risk of hacking when it comes to Cloud Computing is higher. But, over the coming years, our technology & the innovators might come with a more robust mechanism to tackle data misses & thus Cloud might not just be a Luxury but a necessity for all the Organizations.

I shall be coming up with the uses of Cloud & how in my next, Until then, keep reading & please feel free to share your comments or ideas.

AcTouch – Cloud ERP Solutions for small and medium enterprises.

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