Integrated Small Business ERP Solutions

ERP for Small Business Owners

Integrate all your business activities into our
Small Business ERP solutions.

Integrate Purchase, Sales, Taxes, Payments and receipts at One place. Use AcTouch.B1 to start your Business process alignment.
A right set of tools to improve your profitability and reduce uncertainties.

What Business Owners speak about us?

OEM Manufacturer

“ helped us to save 50% of our efforts in managing Inventory, sending and receiving etc. Now we started our second company due to these time savings. I am happy that I did the right choice”

Manjunath Naik. Director, IM SafteySolutions.

Trader and Distributor

“This is the best team and the Software support I’ve received. Twice I needed help – and both times it came quickly, in a very professional and easy to understand way. Today our three businesses are using”

Mukund B.S. CEO, ReNewIT, India

Calibration vendor

“AcTouch Team developed our Calibration process on Cloud with the necessary customisation. They helped us to move into Digitisation of our manual process. For this digitisation, we received a prestigious award from GE Healthcare”.

Vijay Kumar, Director, TransCal Bangalore

How AcTouch Cloud ERP Helps Small Businesses?

Manage your Sales, Inventory, Cashflows everything from one place. Manage your multiple units and branches from one place.

Manage your multiple Businesses

Manage your own business and dont depend on anyone. Now you can manage your multiple Business from One place.

Simplify your Business Process

Simplify the Business to maximise the Profits. No more missing deadlines, missing of Payment collections or Cheque deposits.

Manage your Cashflow

Manage your cashflows and decide when & where to invest to grow your business. You know next 3 months cash position.

Inventory Control

Now optimise your inventory and maximise the Inventory Turnover. Reduce the scrap and wastage. ABC method helps to capture all the cost details. Now you control the Stocks and costs.

Right tools to improve your Productivity, Compliances and Profits.

Simple Features for Small Business Owners

  1. Create a Sales order either for an Inventory or Services.
  2. Invoices and Shipments
  3. Sales Returns
  4. Dont miss your customer payment due dates
  1. Create Purchase orders for Inventory, Non Inventory and Services items
  2. Receive the Materials and create Inventory / Stock them
  3. Return the materials, in case they are not good.
  1. Vendor payment based on the materials or service received.
  2. Customer money is received against the Invoices
  3. Manage Customer and Vendors Advances
  4. Manage Debit and Credit Notes at ease and collect the money on time
  1. Manage your Inventory items, Consumables, Non-inventory items.
  2. No more Negative Stocks
  3. Manage Products with multiple units of Purchase or Sales.
  1. Simple and effective Book keeping.
  2. Manage Bank transactions
  3. Generate your Balance sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance reports
  4. Pass the journal entries, if required.

List of reports

  1. Stock reports, Items movement reports.
  2. Sales and Purchase
  3. Outstanding ledger for Customer and Suppliers
  4. Financial and compliance reports
  5. Balance sheet, P&L reports

This package Includes,

  1. 3 Users license.
  2. Online Implementation Support – Help you to setup soon.
  3. For ONE Company

Rs 18,750 / USD 250 only*

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Small Business ERP videos helps you to manage your business

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