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ERP Go Live Checklist

ERP Go Live Checklist

ERP GO live preparation is one of the major activities that needs co-ordination between Management, Sales, Purchase, Stores, Production and Finance Departments. Another stake holder is the Vendor, who is providing the ERP Systems.

Below is the list of the Items that needs to be prepared by Customers as part of ERP Go live Implementation.

No Modules Mandatory/Optional Prepared by
1 Product Group Optional.

Used depending on Business needs

2 Define Product ID and the numbering formats

1.    Maximum Size is 20 chars

2.    You can have alpha numeric options

Mandatory. Customer
3 Check Tax Master.

1.    Check the TYPE of taxes

2.    Round off cases

3.    INPUT and OUTPUT Taxes



Most of the taxes are made available.

4 Check Unit of Measurements.

Ensure that you have the necessary details before you begin uploading the Product Master


Most of the UOMs are made available.

5 Location masters

This menu is only for those who wants to use LOCATION features

Important: if you have subcontractors then create one LOCATION per subcontractor so that you can track the materials sent to them through Delivery Challans.

Optional Customer
6 Product master upload

1.    Product ID less than 20 char *

2.    Description less than 250 char *

3.    Unit of measurements *

4.    Do you keep stock / Inventory = Yes *

5.    Product Group

6.    If the QTY is entered then Unit Price is important as it gives inventory valuations. *

7.    Enter Selling price

8.    Check Purchase or Sales TAXES (VAT/ Excise / Non Excise)

9.    Check whether product is maintained in “batches” or not

Either you can create manually or Upload the data from menus. Customer
7 After product master upload is done, you can do these for those

a.    Manually enable those items that are EXCISE

b.    Enter the HSN Codes.


Enter the Excise details, if EXCISE = YES

8 Customer Master

1.    Customer ID *

2.    Customer Name *

3.    TIN Number

4.    eMail id

5.    Address

Mandatory Customer
9 Supplier / vendor master

1.    Supplier ID *

2.    Supplier Name *

3.    TIN Number

4.    eMail id

5.    Address

Mandatory Customer
10 Bank Master.

If more than one Bank then create the same number of GL Bank Account codes too.

One Bank Master Code = One Bank GL Account Code

Mandatory, if you transactions in BANK. Customer
11 Accounts Master

Create new Assets, Sales, or expense accounts, if required

Optional Customer
12 Multi Currency enablement and set the exchange rates For Multi currency users only Customer
13 Bill of Materials: To make a finished goods (FG), what and all raw materials (RM)/components required

Important to note

1.    Product ID should be matched to the Product ID that’s created.

2.    Be careful with Scrap and other percentage details

3.    By Product features can be enabled from the Menus.

For Manufacturing Customers only. Customer
14 Employee Master

You can attach the Login ID to employees.

Optional Customer
15 Sales persons and their commission details Optional Customer


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